How Meditation Apps Rank for Health & Happiness in the DACH Region

Mindfulness Apps and DACH — How’s It Looking?

Unfortunately, we need to kick this article off with some bad news. Mindfulness apps don’t seem to be resonating with customers in the DACH region in terms of health and happiness quite as well as one would imagine — that’s when they are faced with unaided brand awareness questions anyway.

Health & Happiness Unaided Brand Awareness Austria
Health & Happiness Unaided Brand Awareness Switzerland
Health & Happiness Unaided Brand Awareness Germany
Mindfulness apps brand awareness DACH

What Do People Associate with Mindfulness Apps?

It can be hard to understand why so many who were asked had never heard of these kinds of apps before. After all, most people had listed personal health as a top-3 interest.‍

Personal health interest DACH
Fitness and health apps DACH

Is Mindfulness Associated with Health?

One thing we can assume from all that information is that mindfulness and meditation must not be associated with health.

Mindfulness & meditation DACH
Stress levels DACH

Moving Forward with Meditation Apps in DACH‍

So, it looks like there is a lot of work for brand managers of meditation and mindfulness apps in the DACH region. From all the data gathered by the study, it appears that the key is showing just how positive these apps can be when it comes to health and happiness. If the right kind of marketing campaign is established, then this shouldn’t be too difficult!



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