How Just Spices Added Flavor To An Industry Going Stale

From Bland Rice to Brand Spice: Mixing Up An Industry

Sometimes innovation comes from the most unlikely of places — and Just Spices is no exception — as it was founded in Germany, a country whose cuisine is infamous for lacking big flavors. But perhaps the country’s underdeveloped spice and seasoning market was a vital ingredient that drove founders Florian Falk, Ole Strohschneider, and Bela Seebach to notice a valuable gap that they could capitalize on.

What Can You Learn From Just Spices?

1. Appeal to Consumers’ Emotions

One of Just Spices’ core goals was to put the emotion back into the process of buying and using spices. In their native Germany, the spice aisle of grocery stores was not really a battlefield of competing brands like other sections often can be. In the place of visual storytelling and strong identities, brands presented themselves in the same uniform, functional way.

2. Take The Road Less Traveled

For the founders of Just Spices, the seasonings and spices category was ripe for reinvention, but, perhaps now their success only seems guaranteed because we have the benefit of hindsight.

3. Use Online Platforms To Extend Your Brand

By opting for an online shop, Falk, Strohschneider, and Seebach gave the Just Spices brand much more space to bulk out its identity and engage with consumers than they ever could achieve with the tiny, momentary interactions that take place in the aisles of grocery stores.

Final Thoughts

Just Spices represents a brand that has used online platforms to reach and engage with customers in ways not typical for its sector. By embracing a D2C business model and building a product offering that is tailored to the needs (and aspirations) of its target audience, it has created an exciting brand identity and challenged the status quo.



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