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Stitch Fix cover image

Shopping — you won’t find too many people on the fence about this activity. They either love it or hate it.

While some love the rush of finding the perfect shirt or shoes, others see it as an uncomfortable outing or a waste of valuable time.

But, whether you’re a…

B2C marketers want to deliver personalized brand experiences but are often stuck using incomplete or inaccurate data to infer what consumers want or need. …

localization marketing cover image

For many global brands, the language of choice is English. Whether this is the native tongue of the company’s home country or not, choosing to communicate via the world’s most widely-spoken language makes sense for many reasons.

Greater reach, more applicability in pop culture, and so on — there are…

woman hugging the planet

What does caring about animals and supporting their welfare have to do with brand success in 2021? More than one might think.

A 2019 study by Nielsen found that food and beverages in the US that were labeled as “cruelty-free” saw year-on-year growth of 28.7% …

Dollar Shave Club Cover Image

Every marketer dreams of concocting the ultimate growth hack — a savvy trick that would instantly boost your brand from unknown to iconic.

Michael Dubin, the co-founder of the Dollar Shave Club, did just that with a budget of only $4,500. Indeed, that’s how much it cost him to shoot…

two people holding an award

Cross-team alignment is difficult to master — and we’ve yet to discover the secret to perfection. But in our competitive, hyper-connected world, finding ways to better align teams and streamline processes is more important than ever, especially for Marketing teams.

And the three teams that Marketing must work closely together…

Patagonia deep dive cover image

It’s rare to see a brand as outspoken and dedicated to living its brand values as Patagonia.

From fighting the US Government for land preservation to boycotting giants like Facebook for violating U.S. civil rights, Patagonia means business when it comes to standing up for what it believes in.


testing brand marketing cover image

You spend months planning, consulting, strategizing, and carefully allocating your budget until finally, you and your team execute a brand marketing campaign that you believe will help you reach your brand objectives.

Come next quarter, you discover that your brand is performing much the same, or worse than before! You…

trust brand tracking software cover image

After years of disappointing results, brand tracking software earned itself a rather lackluster reputation in the marketing world. With so many brand tracking tools having promised an all-in-one, seemingly magical solution — it’s no wonder they sent many brand managers running for the hills.

Until recently, it was difficult to…

marketing campaign fail cover image

A failed brand campaign is a tough pill to swallow — and with so many people already skeptical of the importance of branding, it can feel even more difficult.

However, these things happen. Not every brand marketing campaign you roll out will be a success. That doesn’t mean you aren’t…


Latana. AI-powered brand tracking helping brands make better marketing decisions via world-class, scalable insights.

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