7 Highly Effective Branding Tips to Help Brand Managers Grow

7 Highly Effective Branding Tips for Brand Managers

Sometimes the best brand resources are directly in front of you. Empowering and educating your team members to be your best brand advocates is a key skill in effective brand management. As Director of Brand Marketing at Blinkist, Sarah Moriarty is a firm believer in getting team members to champion the brand.

Embrace Your Inner Project Manager

As an experienced freelance communication consultant, Rose McCullough knows what it takes to wear multiple hats and draws upon project management principles such as planning and working collaboratively in order to bring product into line with brand promise. This means engaging multiple stakeholders, being able to think quickly and creatively and to use her external consulting experience to cast fresh eyes over the brand for her clients.

Develop a Thoughtful Brand Strategy

Investing the time to develop your brand strategy is the key to building a successful brand. A successful brand strategy is the long-term plan for the brand and defines the how, where, what, when and to who you communicate your brand message. Simply put, it’s the foundation on which to build upon the brand.

Deep Dive into the Customer Experience

As marketing manager at travel company AirHelp, Felix Ecke spends a lot of time thinking about the customer experience. AirHelp helps millions of customers to obtain compensation for delayed or cancelled flights, so understanding their customer, their behavior and needs is critical for AirHelp brand management.

Sustain a Solid Core

With so many markets available across the globe, brands have a multitude of choices regarding where to make their mark. However, Marius Holletzek, Senior Brand Strategist at Nio, brands must do all they can to sustain a strong, clear, solid core.

Establish a Style Guide

With so much content being published internally and externally, it’s important to have one unified style guide that applies consistency across your brand and defines your brand’s unique tone of voice. Investing in content marketers, UX Writers and documentation experts also builds trust with your audience as they will naturally engage in clear and concise copy.

Quit Trying to be Everything to Everyone

Brands can polarize and that’s okay! Not everyone is going to like or engage with your brand so it can be a waste of energy trying to be all things to all people. Instead, focus on finding the best people to amplify and engage with your brand. What are their needs, and can your brand solve them? Freelance Brand Strategist, Ruth Chadwick shares her branding tips:



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